Born in Glasgow, Scotland in the early 1960's, Rory McLeish spent much of his childhood sketching, painting, building plastic model kits, and sculpting dinosaurs (along with sundry other fabulous creatures) out of Plasticine.


Growing up with the maturing medium of Television, he was influenced and inspired by the various Gerry Anderson series (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, joe 90, UFO etc), Doctor Who, Star Trek, the fantastic movie animation work of Ray Harryhausen, and the various Science Fiction and Hammer Horror films he was often allowed to watch late at night during the weekends (usually from behind the sofa).


After leaving school in the late 1970’s, Rory spent 4 years studying Graphic Design and Photography at Glasgow School of Art, where, as a keen rock guitarist, he also formed the first of many pop and rock bands.


He then moved south of the border to Harrogate, North Yorkshire and found work as a musician, guitar repairer and freelance traditional Illustrator.

After seeking more challenging work (with a little more financial stability), Rory was hired by an up-and-coming advertising studio where he spent the next few years working as an airbrush and line art illustrator, photographer and copywriter. He eventually parted company with the ad studio as a creative director.


Shortly after his term in advertising, Rory enrolled onto a desktop publishing course at a local college, and discovered a software program called Photoshop, and the novel, innovative world of Computer Generated Images.


It was also around this time he saw a movie called 'Jurassic Park', which was to make a huge impact on his creative direction, and mark a turning point in his career.


After graduating from the desktop publishing course and spending over a year as a freelance practical model maker, Rory spent several years working as a video games artist. working for games development and publishing companies including:’Twilight Software Ltd’, ‘Team 17 Software’, ‘Mobius Entertainment’ (now Rockstar Leeds) and ’SCi publishing’, He used this opportunity to develop his CG modeling, lighting and overall concept design skills.


During this same period, Rory was the author of several articles published in 'Science Fiction and Fantasy Models International', a popular and influential media magazine. He also played rock guitar as a session player in several recordings based in and around the North of England.


After a successful job interview, Rory left the united kingdom in 2001 to work on movies in the United States. He spent the next 5 years employed as a visual effects artist at Digital Domain in Los Angeles, California.

He was able to augment and further developed his creative skills as a CG modeler, scene lighter, renderer, texture painter and pre visualization animator.


Commercials and feature films Rory contributed to whilst working at digital domain include: ’Star Trek Nemesis’, ‘Stealth’, ’The Day After Tomorrow’, ’Flags of our Fathers’ and ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’.


In addition to building and texture painting 'The Scimitar' cg starship model created for 'Star Trek Nemesis', Rory designed key sections of the ship with guidance from the talented John Eaves, chief Trek ship designer and concept artist.


Since his return to the United Kingdom in late 2006, Rory has been instrumental in the foundation and evolution of ’Rory McLeish Studio ’.


Drawing on over 20 years of experience in visual media, ’Rory McLeish Studio ’ has been established to craft and develop original top quality 3D Creature, Character, 3D Hardware and 3D environment concept designs for the computer games industry, television and film production.


Rory also teaches part-time at Leeds Metropolitan University, as an associate senior lecturer in digital media.

International Space Station cg model, detail section, as modelled for ’The Day After Tomorrow'.

Rory McLeish

Airbrushed advert illustration, circa 1990.

The Scimitar, cg model built and textured
for ’Star Trek Nemesis’.*

lighting cg plane to mach live action cockpit and, environment, ’STEALTH’.*

Lighting background cg transport ships,
’Flags of our Fathers’.*

LVT landing craft cg model, built for ’Flags of our Fathers’.

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